Kasper Hermansen

    Platform Engineering: The next era of ops

    Platform engineering is a new methodology that takes a user-centered approach and treats developers as stakeholders, ultimately leading to improved software quality and time-to-market. Platform engineering provides an opinionated and curated view of the platform, benefiting feature squads by streamlining development and improving collaboration between teams.

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    Advancing career

    This blog post reflects on the author's career journey in software engineering, detailing the various roles they have held and the challenges they faced. The author shares their realization that they need to take a more deliberate approach to their career growth and decide on a particular area of expertise. They also discuss their experiences as an inexperienced senior developer, including their decision not to fight for a higher title and salary, and the subsequent career limitations that resulted from this choice. The post concludes with the author's decision to transition into platform engineering and the benefits and challenges of this move. Overall, the post highlights the importance of intentional career planning and the potential career limitations that can result from not advocating for oneself.

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